Digital Twins for Asset Monitoring

Monthly Subscription Plan

Why Choose Digital Twins for your Business?

Operational Insight Utilize AWS IoT SiteWise and TwinMaker for live data tracking and 3D modeling, which enhances understanding and management of assets.

Maintenance Efficiency Implement strategic maintenance planning using real-time data to minimize costs and reduce downtime.

IoT Integration Experience seamless integration with existing systems, improving workflow efficiencies through synchronized sensor data.

This package is designed to provide a scalable and flexible approach to digital twin technology, enabling businesses of all sizes to improve operational efficiency, predict maintenance needs, and optimize asset management.

kr 4,850.00 4850.0 NOK kr 4,850.00 VAT Excluded

kr 4,850.00 VAT Excluded

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Our Standard Digital Twin Packages

Small Business

Standard Twin

Includes: Up to 1,000 Entity Data Modeling, 25M API Calls & 3.8M Queries, Supports 35 Sensors & Foundational IoT, 3D Asset Modeling, 1 Editor & 2 Viewers for Collaborative Analysis

Best for: Smaller Sites and Pilot Projects

Medium Business

Standard Twin

Includes: 1,001-5,000 Entity Data Modeling, 60M API Calls & 9M Queries, Supports 210 Sensors & Advanced IoT, 3D Asset Modeling, 2 Editors & 5 Viewers for Collaborative Analysis

Best for: Complex Industrial Sites 

Large Business

Standard Twin

Includes: 5,001-10,000 Entity Data Modeling, 95M API Calls & 14.3M Queries, Supports 1,250 Sensors & Extensive IoT, 3D Asset Modeling, 3 Editors & 10 Viewers for Collaborative Analysis

Best for: Large Manufacturing Plants

Interested in Advanced Twin Capabilities?

Take your operations to the next level with our comprehensive package "Digital Twins for Intelligent Operations", designed for maximum efficiency and insight.

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