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Evolve your enterprise with our step-by-step digital transformation approach, from essential business functions to advanced intelligent operations.

Matterport Digital Twins

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Begin your ascent from fundamental business applications to tapping into powerful, disruptive technologies.

Business Solutions for Efficient Workflow

Starting from

NOK 1850 .00

/ month
  • Comprehensive Odoo CE Suite: Gain unlimited access to all Odoo Community edition applications, covering from sales, marketing, accounting, inventory, and more.
  • Unlimited User Access: Scale your team without limits. Our package supports an unlimited number of users, ensuring everyone stays connected and productive.
  • Direct Tripletex Integration: Streamline your financial workflows with seamless Tripletex integration for efficient by directly syncing with your Odoo operations.
  • Reliable AWS Hosting: Hosted on AWS for top-tier ensuring your business applications are always available and responsive.  

Digital Twins for Intelligent Operations

Starting from

NOK 7850 .00

/ month
  • Predictive Analysis with AI: Utilize advanced AI for predictive maintenance, optimizing operations and ensuring the longevity of business processes.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Utilize AWS IoT SiteWise and TwinMaker for live data tracking, ensuring you can respond swiftly to operational dynamics.
  • Maintenance Efficiency: Implement strategic maintenance planning to minimize costs and prevent unnecessary downtime.                                  
  • Asset Visualization: Employ 3D modeling to gain a comprehensive understanding of your assets, enriching management and planning.                    

Kick start project with Implementation Services

From system configurations and out of box integrations, our implementation packs ensures quick onboarding.

Implementation Packages

Your Operational Excellence Journey

Phase 1
Discovery Call

We initiate by understanding your needs, setting the stage for tailored solutions.

Phase 2
Internal Review 

Our team collaborates to design strategies that align with your business objectives as per discussions.

Phase 3
Solution Demonstration

We demonstrate how our solution integrates with your processes, highlighting key benefits.

Phase 4
Quotation Submission 

Following a successful demo, we provide a detailed quotation for the proposed solutions and services. 

Phase 5
Quotation Approval 

Once you approve the quotation, we finalize the details and prepare for the next steps. 

Phase 6
Contract Agreement 

We send the final agreements for your review and signature, formalizing the partnership. 

Phase 7
Project Kick-off 

With the agreement in place, we commence work on your project, embarking on a path to enhance your operational capabilities. 

We provide dedicated consultants to help you succeed

Explore our success packages designed to support for all your needs.